Sunday, September 11, 2011

Bathroom Anima Sonora | Studio Bizzarro

If you are looking for ideas to organize your bathroom, these outstanding achievements on show at SPA 2010 design should, if not inspired, at least make you dream. We must admit that these concepts bathroom mixing stage design, luxurious materials and simple design are beautiful. Enjoy special in this beautiful round whirlpool encased in the floor dominated by a shower of rain light. Welcome to the design, minimalist and a bit romantic Studio Bizzarro.

 I will do my grumpy.
  - The shower over the bath because it's silly given the height of rain water, she must knock down and finish it must be much colder than the exit ...
  - Bamboo wall ... it's a kitsch!
  - Modular designs on the wall of the room ... it's very very little gadget ...

While I criticize (I'm grumpy in nature), this site I've been a long time is very well done and the articles are interesting, keep it up!


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